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Please be patient with us while this section gets completed (last), as it we are still sorting out the products and shipping sections to ensure smooth running.

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Training sheets and links

IS06 - Mounting mesh to a frame
IS07 - Ceramic Decoration
IS08 - Off Contact/ elevated/ snap printing
IS31 - Registering Multiple Colours using a Carousel/ Jig
IS34 - Printing Supercover Fabric Ink
IS46 - Preparing a Thermal-Copier for Transport
IS48 - StencilPro Usage Guide
IS49 - Printing Lessons
IS52 - Using MiScreen A5 Design Frame


Akwa Glass & Tile Paint
EZIscreen Artwork Transparency
Fabric Ink - Standard & Supercover
Poster Paint
Table Adhesive

Support/ Training

Mounting EZIscreen Film & RISO Digital Mesh to a Frame
Screen Printing Technique (direct printing)
Screen Printing Technique for Supercover Fabric Inks
Printing off contact/ elevated/ snap
Ink Test