Tattoo Stencil Imagers using Spirit Paper | Made in Germany with Australian warranty.

Used in professional tattoo studios around the world, the Tattoo Thermal-Copier model for Spirit Paper transfers using IR thermal processes and carbon based artwork.

With the recent change to the Spirit Paper formula (making the paper highly sensitive to heat/ humidity & use), it is more important than ever to use a Stencil Imager with a strong IR lamp and wide range of settings (in case your paper begins to go off you can speed it up) - unlike fixed heat digital systems like Brother, S8 and rebadged Chinese fax machines.

The new TIM Thermal-Copier Stencil system has all new features, both faster and slower speeds, improved cooling for longer and many new features for heavy daily studio use.

IMPORTANT: Panenka model has been discontinued by (spare parts & service remain available), TIM is the replacement model. See Panenka A4 product page for details, support, sales and German manufacturer details if you wish to purchase direct.