Mounting SPO Film & RISO Digital Mesh to a Frame

Mounting SPO Film & RISO Digital Mesh to a Frame main image Mounting SPO Film & RISO Digital Mesh to a Frame image

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Once you have created your design it can be attached to a frame ready for printing.

Important: EZIscreen/ Iknoart Film and RISO Digital Mesh do not require high tension stretching like traditional silk screen mesh - it already has the emulsion/film attached, therefore is already pre-tensioned, and does not require hard stretching to a frame. Over stretching will result in distortion of the design and reduce image quality.

Step 1

Lay the frame onto a flat surface, tape side up, and remove the double sided tape from all 4 sides of the frame.

Step 2

Attach the top edge of the screen to the frame and then stretch across the bottom edge. Don't worry if wrinkles occur at this stage - all you need to do is attach the screen gently to the frame.

Step 3

Lift the left edge from the tape and pull a little tighter to remove any wrinkles that may have occurred. Repeat this process on the right side.

Step 4

If wrinkles remain, lift the top, or bottom, from the tape, slightly stretch to remove the wrinkle and then fasten to the tape.

Repeat the process on any side where a wrinkle exists, until all wrinkles have been removed.


Have you over stretched the screen?

If your plastic frame is not flat or buckeled, then your screen is over stretched. Simply lift the edge to release the pressure and re-apply to the tape.

In extreme cases, over stretching your screen will distort your design, however the emiulsion/ film will help to eliminate this problem. If your design is distorted, it is best to completely remove from the frame and begin the process again, using less pressure to remove any wrinkles.

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