EZIscreen Stencil Films | Adhesive backed | Stencil freehand | Brush/ Roll/ Spray

EZIscreen Stencil film contains an adhesive backing for stencilling directly onto your item without a frame/ screen.

EZIscreen films are a smaller sized Iknoart film, exposed, developed and used in the same manner, just a different size to match previous EZIscreen kits frames/ squeegee's.

New improved UV photosensitive emulsion pre-coated evenly across the film requires UV Exposure (not sunlight). Replaces StencilPro Films.

Important notice:
StencilPro Film as been discontinued due to the manufacturing company immediate closure - https://www.screenprintingshop.com.au/stencilpro-film-discontinuation/
- Product warranties continue to apply
- No backorders taken once stocks sold out.
- A replacement product will be available shortly and listed online in due course.