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All products are warranted by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), some products require maintenance and cleaning by the customer to remain fit for purpose. Some products are consumable items with a 'best before' date requiring usage by the customer.

Warranty Support and Information
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Iknoart & EZIscreen Film Warranty
Limited Warranty
Product Warranty Conditions/ Support
TIM Thermal-Copier Warranty
RISO MiScreen DSM Warranty
Clothing Warranty


Warranty Support and Information

We are also shoppers, we take consumer right seriously. If there's a problem we aim to fix it promptly.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. All goods are shipped in a fit for purpose state and accurately described.

SCREEN PRINTING SHOP supply Goods (including machines, kits and packages) listed on the Site with item specific warranty conditions. Specific conditions  may require the customer to comply with usage, best before date, cleaning or other schedule to maintain the product performance and warranty condition. Where a Customer does not uphold warranty conditions, suitability of usage may be deemed to have occurred.
- Refer to the Product you intend to purchase for the relevant terms and conditions of warranty (‘Warranty Terms’).

The original warranty form is not required to register a product warranty.

SCREEN PRINTING SHOP reserve the right to request a warranty registration/ validation, including proof of purchase, prior to warranty support made available to the Customer.

Need to make a claim or have a problem?

All claims for Warranty should be lodged online through the NEHOCdirect Resolution Centre.
Step 1 - If you are not already logged in, log into your account now and select Resolution Centre ' from the menu.
Step 2 - Click the 'Open a New Dispute' button to begin the process.
Step 3 - Select 'Item Dispute', then click continue to proceed.
Step 4 - Select type of dispute 'Warranty Claim', then select the Order ID associated with the claim from the list.
This process ensures we have all the right information straight away and you can track the progress of your claim online at any time.


Iknoart/ EZIscreen Films

Iknoart films (both Stencil and Textile), plus EZIscreen film (both Stencil & Textile) are a consumable product with a best before shelf life from time of packaging. Film does not expire at this time. It is recommended films are used prior to this date. All films are packed in a protective storage bag (black UV blocking bag) to protect the product prior to opening. Film is a consumable product, as once opened by the customer it is designed to be used immediately.

Suitability of usage applies to all consumable parts and items in a kit or package. Correct handling and usage is required to validate any warranty claim.
Incorrect exposure of film to U.V. does not validate a warranty claim as this is against proper handling and usage instructions.

All film is supplied with a minimum 90 day 'best used before' date as listed on the bag. Where no date is printed/ listed/ stated, 'best used before' date is deemed 90 days from date of original purchase. Film does not expire at this time.
- Retail Envelope Packs are supplied for use within a recommended 6 Months of purchase. No claims for faulty manufacture recognised after 30 days from original purchase.
- Bulk and Refil Packs are supplied for use within 90 days of purchase. No claims for faulty manufacture recognised after 30 days from original purchase.

Once pack is opened, the customer accepts suitability of usage warranty. The customer must ensure the product is opened away from light and stored correctly as per the instructions and usage guide. Product remains warranted against faulty manufacture.


Limited Warranty

A Limited Warranty does not exclude all warranties, as all item supplied by SCREEN PRINTING SHOP are warranted against faulty manufacture and are sold suitable for use as the description intends. We do not supply items that are not fit for purpose, all items are sold in a working manner.

A Limited Warranty item will exclude ongoing warranties once opened/ installed/ used.

A Limited Warranty may apply to:
- 2nd hand stock.
- Ex-demo stock.
- Replacement stock.
- Sale stock.
- Clearance items.
- Spare parts.
- Self install of spare parts/ accessories
- Stock for discontinued models and some specials.

Where a 'Limited Warranty' notice appears on the product page, by purchasing the item, you understand and agree the item is:
- Supplied on an 'as is' basis.
- No service, installation, usage or technical support is available on this item.
- Exchange on a defective item is applicable for only 30 days from invoice date.
- May not be supplied in a new condition, may contain marks and/or general wear/ tear for 2nd hand items (as listed or pictured prior to purchase).
- May have passed the original manufacturers warranty period.
- Customer voids all warranties after opening the product or 30 days from invoice, which ever occurs first.
- May have been opened/tested/ used/ checked before supply to ensure suitability.


Product Warranty Support

Some products sold contain warranty conditions with regards to usage/ cleaning/ maintenance/ storage that must be honoured by the customer to maintain the product in suitable condition of usage. The customer is notified of any requirements through warranty conditions (included when product is purchased) and product usage guide.

Where a customer does not perform the required tasks, damage or degraded performance may occur. Suitability of usage may be deemed to have occurred and a warranty claim not applicable where error is usage not product based. Issues are reviewed on a case by case basis upon warranty claim. We always advise a customer if a problem occurs, contact us immediate for free technical and warranty support.

View in advance products below containing specific warranty conditions for ongoing usage and maintenance:
MiScreen warranty information
TIM Thermal-Copier warranty information

For any warranty support, question or claim, please contact us.


Clothing Warranty

All claims for faulty manufacture, product imperfections or unsuitable quality must be made within 5 days of delivery and/or prior to use.

Where clothing products have been printed, enhanced, embroidered suitability of usage has been accepted by the customer and no refund or exchange is available for change of mind purchases on used products. Our warranty does not extend to any printing or enhancements by the customer.

Clothing returns made within the 30 day period for incorrect ordering/ change of mind purchase will incur a 22% restocking fee. No clothing items will accepted for return unless in original packaging.

Where a manufacturing fault appears after decoration and usage, standard product warranties continue to apply. Returns will be inspected on case by case basis for suitability of usage.