TIM Tattoo Spirit Stencil Copier for Studios/Shops | From 3K Instruments Germany | Aust. Warranty with full local support.

Replaces (discontinued) Panenka A4 Model. Studio usage.

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Latest generation thermal stencil maker with new design and features for Spirit tattoo papers, includes latest HiRes Classic Spirit Carrier. German manufacture, with 100% Australian warranty and support. All new model replaces the old Panenka A4 system.


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TIM - Thermal Imaging Machine - improves on the now discontinued reliable German manufactured Panenka A4. With over 15+ years of experience, all new technical and mechanical features elevate the TIM into a new league of professional studio products designed for daily long term usage with high stencil demands.


New features, design and improvements

  • Wider range of imaging speeds - use with all papers.
  • New dual direction cooling design.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
TIM Tattoo Stencil Copier - Replaces Panenka A4

With all new design features, both inside and out, TIM uses a more compact footprint for studio use with strong reliable solid metal construction (long lasting powder coated finish) for rugged daily use in a studio for years.

Internals are all upgraded to new and more efficient components, with all new stronger stepped motor to provide a wider range of machine speeds (both slower and also much faster than Panenka models!). Using the latest generation PCB construction and new efficient control software combined with a power saving lamp.

New reflector coating resistant to dust/ debris damaging the lamp and a new rear drive roller coating for easier cleaning with longer life.

All the developments, improvements and use of materials and parts combine for a new generation of stencil maker to last years of heavy studio use without replacement or servicing (just normal weekly cleaning). It's the same Panenka principal, however all new German technology and design for greater results.

Wider range of imaging speeds - use with all papers

You can now use all stencil brands (Spirit/ Atsui), with a wider range of artwork types now available with much faster speeds available (no over burning).
Panenka 10 = approx. TIM 6 in speed, so there's now plenty more speed available to reduce background over burning issues when your Spirit paper 'goes off' due to heat.

The easy view and easy to use speed control will amaze at the all new faster (and slower) imaging speeds now available (compared to the older Panenka models).

TIM Tattoo Stencil Copier Speed Control

New dual direction cooling design

All new side mounted fan, including a built in dust filter, directs air flow along the reflector/ lamp to cool the hottest area of the machine directly, combined with the larger front mount internal fan for directional airflow front to back to expel heat faster.

Optimised cooling enables faster operation after heavy use, or before packing away.

Faster cooling provides lower power consumption, longer lamp life (less heat stress), shorter cool down time and less risk of long term damage to the lamp from turning off before the cool down has completed.

TIM Tattoo Stencil Copier Dual Cooling


Ongoing benefits of lower power

Does lower power really make much difference ?? Absolutely!! In a Thermal-Copier there is a very big flow on affect, as with lower power usage comes improved lamp life through lower operating temperatures and lower wattage usage stressing the lamp over it's life. This lower heat translates into lower machine heat therefore the fans are more effiicient at cooling blowing in less air over time (reducing dust/ debris being blowing onto the machine) - this reduces cleaning and maintenance.

Lower power consumption = lower heat = faster cooling = easier cleaning and maintenance.

Q) Doesn't a lower Lamp power mean less image will appear?
A) Not at all, as the both reflector angles and surface coating have also changed to improve the lamps IR output and effectiveness. TIM has a stronger output than Panenka.


German made, full local Australian warranty support

TIM Tattoo Stencil Copier (also called a Thermal-Copier, Thermofax or Thermo Copier) is manufactured in German by 3K Instruments and backed by NEHOC Australia with a full 100% Australian supported warranty. NEHOC hold parts in stock 
Don't get caught buying a cheap Chinese copy or a re-badged 'fax machine' that doesn't work, TIM is a professional studio system.


Carbon based artwork required for use.

The product requires carbon based artwork. Digital Photocopiers, laser and inkjet prints that do not contain carbon toners will not produce an image.
It is the customer's responsibility to source a carbon based artwork supply for correct usage.

If you need assistance or wish for a sample of artwork to be tested in advance, please contact us online using the 'Contact Us' on the right side of the page now (send a message if we are off line).


Note on discontinued Panenka Copiers
- All Panenka A4/ A3 models have been discontinued for both sales & support within Australia & New Zealand.
- The term 'discontinued' is a general term which refers to ongoing product supply through this supply chain only i.e.. products are 'discontinued' and unavailable for further sale.
- Product supply from Germany has not been discontinued. Models remain under manufacture by KW Metalltechnik - https://kwmetall.de/thermocopier/
- Models have been rebranded, as 'Panenka' brand is discontinued and no longer worldwide distributor of the products.

  • Larger speed adjustment range - suitable for use with more paper and artwork types.
  • Easy to clean and durable rear drive roller coating.
  • Optimised cooling enables faster operation after heavy use, or before packing away.
  • Most modern PCB processor control
  • Faster cooling with side mounted fan for longer operation at higher temperatures.
  • New speed control makes reading easier.
  • New design with smaller space saving housing.
  • Less energy consumption with new stepped motor control, power saving PCB control and power saving lamp.

Transport Damage must be notified prior to install/ usage.
- The product will be safely packaged and shipped.
- Upon receipt, please immediately check your package contents carefully.
- Where damage to the item occurs in transport, is MUST be reported within 24 hours of delivery.
- Where the customer fails to notify us of transport damage within the 24hour period, it is acceptance the customer forgoes all claims for damages, incorrect description, damaged product, incorrect product description and claim for transport damage.

The above conditions have been instigated due to fraudulent claims by customers for transport damage following improper unpacking/ usage/ handling of the product.
- The part remains warranted against faulty manufacture at all times, not improper usage by the customer.


Machine Specifications:
Max Carrier Width: 216mm / 8.5in
Width x Depth x Height: 42 x 18 x 11cm
Weight: 6Kg
Power Consumption (in use): approx. 1000 Watt
Voltage: 220/230V / 50 Hz / 4.5A
Internal Fuse: 10A
- To Operate on 10A Fuse Protected Circuit

Carton Contents:
1 x TIM Machine
1 x TIM Unpacking & Set-Up Guide (AU/NZ models)
1 x Australian Power Cord (IEC-C13 230V Grounded power)
1 x HiRes Carrier for Classic Spirit Paper (R-TCA4)
TIM OEM Guick Start Guide (3K Instruments)
TIM OEM Users Guide (3K Instruments) via Download
12 Month Australian Service Warranty

Model # TIM - Thermal IMager
Barcode # 9334315030867
Brand 3K Instruments (Germany)
Shipping Weight 6.5500kg
Shipping Width 0.510m
Shipping Height 0.220m
Shipping Length 0.260m
Shipping Cubic 0.029172000m3
Unit Of Measure Package
Type German Made | Australian Supported Warranty
Format Tattoo Stencil Maker

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Our Warranty

This product contains consumable items including heat lamp, rollers, Control PCB, parts and accessories that require ongoing maintenance and/or replacement after a period of use.

Our Warranty is for a period of twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase or where sufficient usage has been obtained by the customer in which case the 12 month warranty will have expired, which ever may occur first, and is in addition to (and does not exclude, restrict or modify) any rights or remedies to which you may already be entitled to under the Australian Consumer Law or any other relevant law relating to this product.

Warranty terms and conditions are supplied with each machine, you may also review them in advance - TIM Warranty Conditions

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