Welcome - new website name, new features - NEHOCdirect is the same reliable company.

Welcome - new website name, new features - NEHOCdirect is the same reliable company. main image Welcome - new website name, new features - NEHOCdirect is the same reliable company. image

ScreenPrintingShop.com.au is NEHOCdirect's new online shop, replacing NEHOCdirect.com

With a move to a new eCommerce platform, we have rebranded our online shop name to something a bit easier to remember and more applicable to the products we have been supplying since 2010.

A new website name, yet guaranteed it's still the same company NEHOCdirect Pty Ltd and the same reliable staff with the same trusted products.

As you may have quickly guessed, we've updated and it's brilliant. There are too many new features to explain, however the basics are we can now offer a faster ordering and checkout process, with more detailed products/ pictures and most importantly actually offer lower buying costs for our trade customers with discounts kicking in at lower levels.

Latest order/ payment/ customer security
New product pictures and detailed descriptions
Product categories - faster and easier
Account/ guest checkout
Lower price breaks and lower product pricing.
Improved shipping calculations and more no cost options.
How to shop.
Old NEHOCdirect.com site to be deleted


Latest order, payment and customer security

You can check your browser right now and see this page (and the entire site) is secure and encrypted. This new platform has the latest payment security through Stripe to reduce fraud and ensure transactions are secure.

Maintaining the latest security is critical to ensure confidence, both our end and yours. This new platform uses solid 256bit encryption and backend reliability through AWS servers.



Account or guest checkout

Whilst it's always more rewarding to login and buy under your account, a guest checkout option is now available for those not wanting to register an online account.



Lower price breaks and lower product pricing

All new flexibility for price breaks at lower levels, this can be seen across most of the range, with larger discounts offered for bulk purchasing.

An example of the lower breaks is available in Frames for EZIscreen, a discount on just 3 frames now available with 6 and 12 offering even better value as bulk pricing kicks in.


More shipping and free delivery options

A live shipping calculate is now available on each product, however it's still best to calculate a toal order as individual products may not qualify for free shipping.

There is new backend integrations into Sendle Couriers, Australia Post and other couriers, combined with a detailed calculation of product weights/ allows us to offer free delivery at a lower level, across a much wider range of products with less exclusions. If your ordering 1 item you'll be paying freight, however order a few items and our aim is to deliver it free.

It's all working behind the scenes, however you can see it in action on any product page in the site and at the checkout where more options become available.



Products categories are more defined, with fewer sub categories, making it faster to find what you need, order and checkout.

The same product may appear in multiple categories, this just saves you going looking for it.

We won't product overload you however, as we have been cautious to only list applicable products within that category, so if your in the EZIscreen category, everything inside that can/ is used with EZIscreen and not other systems.

New information and improved pictures.

The new platform is more detailed and allows us to input more details and specifications for each product, some working behind the scenes for combined shipping costs and discounts, others available for you on display so you can see the size/ quantity of the item.

All new pictures have been taken for almost every single product. It's a massive task and we are still working on this, however inks, frames, kits, squeegee, have all new more detailed pictures.

How To Shop

Here's a quick guide to shopping online and the checkout process, we recommend downloading the users guide that will step you through the process so you can have it on hand as you require, rather than coming back to this page.



Old NEHOCdirect shop will be deleted

So much has changed since 2000 when NEHOCdirect.com was set up, we simply could not transfer the old site data across, they are simply not compatible.

The old NEHOCdirect shop was closed 30th June 2020. The web address will then forward to this site.

All data will be permanently deleted for security reasons. NEHOCdirect will not be able to recovering invoices or information after that date.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure any information is viewed/ printed/ recovered prior to 30th June 2020.

Should you require your account to be closed on the old site prior to that date, please contact us now and this can be performed immediately for you.