Ikonart Textile Film - Pack 5 | 10x12" / 254x305mm | Mount to Frame or Print Freehand | USA Manufacture

UV Coated Film Replaces StencilPro, USA manufacture.

Ikonart USASKU: E-IAT5

Ikonart 10x12" Textile Film has no adhesives and can be taped onto your item or attached to a frame/ screen for printing. New improved photosensitive emulsion pre-coated evenly across the film requires UV Exposure (not sunlight).


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Ikonart UV Exposure Textile Films

Use your designs to create custom stencils and print freehand using this adhesive backed stencil film, little equipment is required to begin with high quality fine detailed results.
NB: Blue Stencil Film pictured below, Textile Film is purple in colour.

Pint Artwork Transparency Expose under UV Lamp Washout design from emulsion Print Freehand or Mount to a frame
Easy Artwork Creation Fast UV Exposure Simple Washout  High Quality Results

- Use your designs and artwork, quickly and easily printed onto Artwork Transparencies (or hand drawn).
- No chemicals or diazo mixings, no coating emulsions onto a screen, plus no storing the mix (or disposing of the chemicals) after use.
- No time consuming hand cuttings of films, that provide low quality results with no fine lines or graphics and bridges to lettering (army lettering)
- Fast exposure using a UV-A wavelength matched to the films emulsion.
- Fast washout using low pressure household laundry/kitchen sprays (optional TriggerJet available).



Ikonart is Fast & Easy to Use

Watch how fast and easy Iknoart Film is to use and the benefits over vinyls/ hand cut films/ diazos and emulsions.


Ikonart Film Replaces StencilPro

Manufactured to the highest industry standard in the USA, Iknoart films replace the older generation SPO and StencilPro film with all new features and benefits:
- New improved trademarked photosensitive emulsion pre-coated evenly across the mesh.
- New coating keeps the mesh tight and straight
- Increase in film shelf life. Up to 18 months best before (film still does not expire at that time).


Usage Guide

Exposing your Ikonart Stencil Film works by using artwork to block the UV light, hardening the areas of the film that aren't blocked, and leaving the areas that are blocked water-soluble. Therefore, anything that will block the light from hardening the film can be used as "artwork".

First place to start is the Quick Start Booklet.

If your a visual learner, there's a range of videos online, or go straight to the Exposure Cheat Sheet.

Ikonart Films are precoated with a UV emulsion which hardens when the correct wavelength of UV-A light is projected.
Our UV Exposure Lamp is available separately and matched to the film's emulsion with the recommended exposure distances and times.


Use High Density Artwork

It is recommended Artwork Transparencies be used for all Ikonart Film exposures.
Do not use papers that will block the UV.

When you print your artwork, it is important that the black areas can block ultra-violet light and are 'high density'.

Toner that looks dense may actually be closer to translucent in its ability to block UV light. A simple test: hold the artwork up to a light source (sunny window, lamp, etc.). If you can see any light through the black areas, the artwork is not dense enough and will not produce a good stencil.

For an example of high density, hold a piece of black construction paper up to a light source. No light will bleed through. This is the density your artwork should provide.

Watch the Artwork Video in the Ikonart Recources section now.


Stencil and Textile - what is the difference?


Difference Between Blue Stencil & Purple Textile Films

Learn more about the adhesive, mesh size, and when to use which film.

Stencil Films have an adhesive backing applied so they attach/ adhere directly to items for direct printing applications using a squeegee/ brush/ sponge/ spray - example, cardboard cartons, wood, canvas artwork.

Using Stencil Film onto t-shirts and fabrics, the adhesive will adhere to the fibres and which may lead to fibres lifting and blocking fine areas of the back of the stencil for printing. The more the fibres in the material the faster blocking may occur, for this reason we recommend for t-shirts and fabrics using the non-adhesive Textile Film.

Textile Film without an adhesive may be used freehand by simply taping to an item similar to a stencil, or more traditionally is mounted to a frame using double sided tape/ masking tape which provides a higher tension for screen printing
- Mounting to a frame is required for printing supercover fabric inks, as they must be printed off contact.
- Mounting helps eliminate movement/ blurring/ smudging when printing.

When printing multiple items, repeat designs, using a jig or multi-coloured, mounting to a frame makes printing faster and more accurate.


Difference between Ikonart and EZIscreen films

Size. Ikonart are standard US 10x12", EZIscreen are custom 8.5x10" to match the previous SPO series of frames and accessories for existing customers.

SPO/StencilPro Film - what happened?
'StencilPro Orange' was an evolution of the original 'StencilPro Red', however the manufacturing company (Circuit Bridge LLC, USA) ceased trading in 2020 when the owner passed away suddenly, with all product immediately discontinued. Read the StencilPro Product Statement.


Watch More How To Videos

Loads more videos are online in the Ikonart Resources page - details click here . .

Pack: 5 Sheets
Sheet Size: 10x12" / 254x305mm
Mesh Grade: 110Mesh  / #43T
Colour: Purple
Adhesive Backed: No


Barcode # 9334315037606
Brand Ikonart USA
Shipping Weight 0.1450kg
Shipping Width 0.365m
Shipping Height 0.005m
Shipping Length 0.295m
Shipping Cubic 0.000371000m3
Unit Of Measure Pack
Type Made in the USA

Iknoart film is a consumable product with a long shelf life, however will degrade when opened and exposed to UV light sources. Refer to website warranty section for Ikonart Film specific conditions and suitability of usage.

This product is supplied for use within a recommended 90 Days of purchase. No claims for faulty manufacture recognised after 30 days from original purchase.
Incorrect exposure of film to U.V. does not validate a warranty claim as this is against proper handling and usage instructions. Once pack is opened, the customer accepts suitability of usage warranty. The customer must ensure the product is opened away from light and stored correctly as per the instructions and usage guide. Product remains warranted against faulty manufacture.

Using Custom UV Lamp
The emulsion coating on Ikonart Film is formulated to expose using a 30W/395~400nm UV-A lamp. If using an alternate UV Lamp or light source, where wattage/ wavelength/ exposure distances differ, so too will recommended exposure time parameters, requiring tests first. Altering standard exposure parameters is not supported or recommended and outside all guides, manuals and proper usage of the product.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Where products have been opened or used, suitability of usage has been determined and no refund is available for change of mind purchases on used products. This does not exclude warranty claims where product may be faulty or contain a manufacturing fault.

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