Christmas Shipping

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The shipping network remains slow and backed up, with everything taking several days to weeks longer than we both wish and expect.

Once your order is shipped, there is nothing we can do to speed it up or change the delivery options.
Please review the right shipping option for your order before completing it.

It is important you get in front of the last minute rush this year. If your order is important, select the Express option or it goes standard along with all the bulk freight.

Express options are costly, they do however get your order in the front of the que at every depot and destination.

As more customers are using the express option, this network will also begin to slow and place even higher pressure on the standard network which will slow further.


We can not give exact delivery dates/ times, only estimations based on current experience:

Worldwide Standard parcels should be on the wat to you before 5th November, Express parcels before 19th November.
Australian country (anything outside 'Metro') before 10th December, Major City Metro Only areas before 17th Dec.

Again, we will ship your order asap, this does not guarantee you will receive it in time before the network closes for Christmas/ New Year - do not delay.


Christmas sending dates - Australia Post (

Remember, all dates are a guess by the shipping companies and there is no guarantee provided they are accurate.